Is Your Current ERP Secure?

15 Apr

Is Your Current ERP Secure?

How often, on a morning or nightly walk, do you come across a home with a big sign in their front yard acknowledging their security system? It’s meant as a deterrent to robbers and thieves, to let them know that if they attempt to steal from that home, they will be caught.

Now look at your personal laptop. McAffe, Norton… each equips your computer with a software that protects you from malware and spyware, and other firewalls are included to protect you from phishing, viruses, spam and Trojans.


Finally, we take precautions often to insure our precious goods. Our homes, our irreplaceable jewelry, documents and even our health. We spend countless dollars each year to make sure that if something catastrophic happens, that we have recourse to protect ourselves.


Now why wouldn’t you do that with your accounting system?


Security within your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is imperative. Other accounting systems don’t have the resources in place to protect businesses from catastrophes. For example, one prominent accounting software currently on the market has no security feature in place to avoid fraudulent checks from being printed. If a thief was able to come across blank checks, their simple print feature could mean financial disaster for your business.


Microsoft Dynamics GP offers your business the role-based security you need to be financially safe. The roles that are assigned to each user are company-specific, and in versions 10 and higher of the platform, users have access to nothing until security access to windows, reports and files is granted.  In version 10 and higher, Microsoft Dynamics GP also introduced standard “Roles” and “Tasks” to simplify the process of granting security to users. This allows users to have a pre-defined set of windows, reports, and files based on the tasks they are granted. For example, someone working with accounts payables could be assigned the “AP CLERK” Role ID if those tasks meet the needs of their job responsibilities.


Microsoft Dynamics GP also ensures that key accounting tasks are automated to improve accuracy – including an automatic correction of posting errors. Essentially, every time a check is printed, like our example above, a note is made in the ledger giving the information of who the user was who printed the check and all of the relevant details. The only person who can print a check is a user who has been given those very specific credentials.


As your company grows and more and more people have their fingers in the proverbial accounting pie, you need to ensure that your system is protected. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers you that solution with a built in, flexible functionality that not only protects your company, but allows you easy integration and customization.


You’ve taken precautions to insure your home, your computer, your jewelry… Shouldn’t you have the same responsibility to protect your business?

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