Spend Money to Make Money

17 May

Spend Money to Make Money

In an October 13, 2013 article by investmentnews.com, Sheryl Rowling discussed a common capitalistic philosophy – how to spend money to make money. In its most simplistic nature, Rowling writes, “In reality, boosting revenue drives profitability better than decreasing expenses”.

I know, I know – we’ve all heard the dissenting voices in regards to this attitude. And the concerns are not unfounded. Spending money is, bottom line, a scary proposition to many small to medium sized businesses. Trial and error in determining which investments will yield even the smallest return can be confusing and worrisome.

So how does one truly boost revenue at their business? How does one grow their company in the age of King Data? The answer is quite unassuming – make the data you already have work for you. And you cannot boost revenue when your software solutions are challenged. Accounting software is unpretentious. Often when individuals begin their businesses, they go for the easiest and most unsophisticated solution. Quickbooks, Preachtree, Quicken – it’s an easy Google search. But when growth occurs within your business, you need a more functional ERP in order for that growth to continue. And that means spending the money.

But how do you know when? When do you spend the money? When have you reached the critical breaking point in your business that you have outgrown your current software?

There are many signs. And once you’ve seen them, the investment in your future should be inevitable.

  • Do your current reporting capabilities give you the visibility you need to run your business?
  • Do multiple departments or lines of business prevent you from centralizing and integrating your
  • data?
  • Are you unable to confidently comply with regulations for monitoring and securing your
  • financial data?
  • Do you experience delays in menus, reports or navigation?
  • Do you sacrifice transaction history or master records to improve your experience?
  • Do you need more users than are allowed within your software?
  • Are you worried about the lack of security and compliance features?


Microsoft Dynamics GP is the answer to these questions. It is the best mid-market business accounting and ERP software. It's organized in Series, each of which contains several modules, including Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Project, Payroll, Manufacturing, Company and System. It has comprehensive customization tools to create real-time, transactional connections, and the ability to integrate and incorporate data with a high degree of safety, flexibility and speed from any source, even those not based on MS platforms. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the following:

  • Advanced Functionality – GP offers a strong, industry leading functionality across financials, distribution, service, manufacturing, human resources and more to help ensure that this is a solution customers will not easily outgrow.
  • Highly Scalable – Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with the Microsoft SQL Server, has proven scalability for hundreds of users, and allows those users to work simultaneously throughout the same of different areas of the application.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office using the same look and feel – From the MS Office look and feel, to the large number of integrations with MS Office, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides users with an easy to learn, easy to use application that helps reduce your training time.
  • Role Based User Experience – Provides employees like you with an individualized, role specific experience based on pre-defined, customizable templates that help you do your job effectively and efficiently.
  • Easy to use Business Intelligence – Empowering employees (like you) to gain deep business insight and share information across the organization by giving you the right information, in the right format, with the same tools you use every day and are already familiar with.
  • Proven Return on Investment – An independent study by Nucleus Research found that 87% of Microsoft Dynamics GP small and medium-sized business customers achieved a positive ROI from their deployment with an average payback of 21 months.
  • Easy Integration – We specialize in integrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system with other internal systems you use to run your business. The key is to eliminate double entry and extra work.

Are you ready for your business to grow? Are you willing to spend a bit, to make a lot? Are you being honest with yourself that there are pressing issues within your company, and you’ve outgrown your current system?

Spending the money for a more secure software solution is the best way to make money. An ERP that grows with your business. A built in, flexible, customizable functionality. Features that would be beneficial to any company, and would make all of your jobs easier and more efficient.

Don’t you think that’s worth the money?

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