Inventory Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers inventory management solutions for companies with complex supply chains and a need for customized results. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers businesses better control, increased accuracy, and improved customer service – which in turn allows the company to manage inventory and grow effectively.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers:

A tool intended to streamline the distribution cycle, gain rapid access to accurate information (view inventory levels for specific items at a glance and get a snap-shot view of the supply chain cycle via Distribution SmartLists), reduce input errors and automate information-sharing through a configurable workflow, allowing the user to define up to 6 stages in the order-to- invoice cycle.

offers the capability to issue consolidated (bulk) picking lists across numerous orders for common items; it can meet multi-site needs. It adapts to warehouse layouts by tailoring picking routines. This module requires Advanced Distribution to run.

maintain up-to- date information concerning stock availability, current and future, so that accurate commitments are made to customers.

combines planning and forecasting functionality with an intuitive, easy-to- learn user interface to anticipate future demand and gain deep, multi-dimensional visibility into customer buying patterns. Excel Collaboration Plug-in allows for forecast information to be shared and for synchronization of demand management across organization.

provides access to detailed inventory information from a central location, has easy to use stock analysis tools and flexible reporting capabilities, improves picking efficiency with multi-bin tracking and enables the creation of personalized pricing schemes to meet customer demands. Blends well with other GP modules, such as Sales Order Processing, Invoicing and General Ledger to streamline inventory and sales processes.

around-the- clock, security-enhanced access via an out-of- the-box, business-to- business portal which allows salespeople and customers to view, place and edit orders online, saving time and increasing accuracy of orders.

enter purchase transactions earlier in the cycle to better manage costs and improve efficiency. Complete purchasing audit control with comprehensive selection of reports to track and analyze purchase activity (full historical and performance reporting). Option to print or e-mail purchase order documents. Other features include Auto-Receive, Auto-Invoice, VAT tracking, facility to handle price and quantity variances, approvals option, commitment reporting. Integrates smoothly with Payables Management, General Ledger, Sales Order Processing and Inventory.

enter and approve requisitions online and automatically transfer orders to new or existing purchase orders in Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing. Reduces paperwork, repetitive data entry and errors. Approval processes can be fully customized. Channel information to the right people through roles-based access.

manages the whole sales process from A-Z: quote to order to invoice, and with pinpoint accuracy. Enter quotes, orders, back orders, invoices and returns from one central location without data re-entry to increase office productivity. Invoices are auto-generated. Customer Priority Ranking feature to quickly identify top customers, and distinguish prospects from customers. Customizable data entry, sales documents and sales process to accommodate an organization’s unique business needs. Has seamless integration with Inventory, Receivables Management and eCommerce modules.

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