Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enterprise business solutions help you enable your people to develop meaningful and enduring relationships with your customers, while helping to improve profitability and operational efficiency. Whether you specialize in offering products for banking, wealth management, or insurance, the best way to attract and retain customers is to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers:

Analytical Accounting is a tool that helps you to analyze, interpret, and create reports based on your company’s chart of accounts. Using Analytical Accounting, you can better assess your company’s accounts. You can also store information which cannot be computed in monetary terms such as labor hours. You can enter detailed analysis information without resorting to segmental accounting. You can create budgets using analysis dimensions and compare your actual figures with budgeted figures.

customizable summary and detailed views of bank account balances and all transactions: cash, check and credit card. Tools available to sort and mark transactions to improve reconciliation capabilities.

calendar-based interface to view and manage cash inflows and outflows to improve day-to- day financial planning. Big picture and full drill-down options available.

customizable interface enabling the user to enter and view all collections in one central point. Allows to target and follow up on overdue customers with automatic delivery and tracking of collection letters, e-mails, statements and invoices.

an aid to reduce administration costs and manual input error as well as improve productivity and cash management in a security-enhanced environment. Routine accounting tasks are moved online and bank transactions are electronically enabled and reconciled. Transactions are applied to accounts when they occur rather than days or weeks later, such as BACS payments or payment collections via Direct Debits or credit cards. Special feature verifies that sort codes and bank account numbers entered for suppliers and customers make sense.

enables employees to create and submit expense reports via the Web at any time and from any location; features electronic receipt imaging.

encumbrance accounting module specifically designed for Not for Profit and Public Sector organizations to ensure that actual expenditures and related commitments do not exceed available funds.

create, define and manage an unlimited number of assets. Features standard fields and up to 15 user-defined fields with graphical user interface. Numerous depreciation methods available to automate depreciation routines. Integration into General Ledger to post depreciation journals and into Payables Management to pull in purchase information to fixed assets. Location IDs to aid inventory management: matching actual with recorded location. Information-sharing enabled with standard and custom reports.

automates key accounting tasks to improve accuracy (includes automatic correction of posting errors) and streamlines budget planning and financial decision-making with reports and enquiry tools (features Excel wizard interface). Features up to 66 alphanumeric character codes, up to 10 segments and user-defined fields with 50 character descriptions.

tracks grants, demonstrates accountability and compliance and also assists with future funding applications. As grant transactions are entered, the Analytical Accounting module will automatically validate them against the budget.

designed for multinational operations to more easily manage financial statistics and accounting operations involving multiple currencies and dealing with changing exchange rates.

control expenditure, control payments (check and BACS runs) with flexible selection criteria and track supplier documents and information. Features include unlimited addresses/contacts per supplier, discounts, min/max payments, holds, returns, debit/credit notes, auto-allocation, performance and history reports.

tracks customer-related documents and information, controls cash, generates simple invoices as well as creates, prints and e-mails statements. Produces sophisticated debtor related reports at any point in time and performance reports including turnover, gross profit and payment days. Other features are flexible credit limits, unlimited address/contacts per customer, min/max payments and ability to handle insufficient funds, interest charges, debit/credit notes, returns, write-offs and auto-allocation.

Human Resource Management

Human Resources: A module to build comprehensive records of employees to include attendance tracking, run “what if” scenarios with salary adjustment projections, access to numerous standard and customizable templates to streamline the recruitment process, standardize the process for performance reviews, facilitate information-sharing with seamless integration to GP payroll and general ledger applications.

HRM Self Service Suite: personalized, secure portals to review expenses, pay and benefits, personal profiles, attendance records, recruitment, promotion and training opportunities, enter holiday requests as well as share selected data across the organization. Reduces administration costs and eliminates need for paper.

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