According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are more than 1,800 categories involving the sale of medical devices. But before any medical device can be sold in the medical marketplace, the manufacturer is required to obtain FDA approval for selling the product.

To ensure the safety of all patients, the FDA maintains a strict regulation process for companies to develop, manufacture and market a medical device. Companies must submit their medical device through a rigid approval application procedure and follow strict compliance with MDR (Medical Device Reporting) requirements.

How can SAIT help your medical device company maintain this regulatory process while keeping in compliance? By utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Your Growing Company Needs Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives your business an advantage.

It’s simple. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an agile, long-term solution that supports life science companies, from emerging startup to pre IPO. With a built-in, flexible functionality, Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to implement, customize and use in these environments (plus more!):

  • Research and Development
  • FDA requirement support
  • Manufacturing / assembly
  • Inventory
  • Sales forecasting
  • Order fulfillment
  • Reporting and business intelligence
  • Human resources
  • Loan, funding, and grant management
  • SOX / financial controls