From the smallest component of your iPhone to the largest skyscraper, from the simplest toothpick to the most complex aircraft, manufacturing is all around you. In its most primitive form, manufacturing was carried out by a single skilled artisan with assistants, with training done by an apprenticeship, with goods traded for money or other products.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, these days manufacturing is widely considered the wealth-producing sector of an economy. The United States is currently number five in the world in total manufacturing dollars.

Your Growing Company Needs Microsoft Dynamics GP.

So what does this all mean?

It means that companies need an accounting software solution to keep their manufacturing on top of growth, development and performance. Whether you produce a basic widget or a more complex product using discreet or process manufacturing, the upmost importance is based on materials management, inventory, operations and accounting. Do you need help strategizing? Do you need to improve your productivity and reduce costs? SAIT has the resources to help. By utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP’s flexible, functional modules, we consistently solve challenges that manufacturing companies face, including:

  • Supporting changing industry requirements to stay compliant
  • Reducing risk by centralizing and integrating data
  • Improving financial management by managing your cash, assets and banking
  • Optimizing spending to gain ROI faster
  • Providing reporting capabilities to give greater visibility

When performance and cost savings are top priorities, SAIT’s partnership with Microsoft Dynamics GP promises effective results for the future of your manufacturing business.