Gravity: Simply Innovative Business Management

02 May

Gravity: Simply Innovative Business Management

Gravity. It’s a natural phenomenon by which all things with energy are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another. It’s a 2013 movie starring Sandra Bullock that won seven Oscars. It’s that song by John Mayer that you might belt off-key in your shower.  But Gravity is also a piece of accounting software that was written on the Microsoft CRM that could be just what your company needs as it outgrows your current system.

Gravity’s tagline is “simply innovative business management.” That truly is what this software solution does. Gravity’s CRM Accounting Software solution allows you to easily navigate from Gravity’s back office financial software solution to front office Sales, Service and Marketing. When other solutions may be too cost-prohibitive and complex to implement, Gravity is the most cost-effective and easy to put into place software on the market that does what it does.


There are other cost-effective accounting solutions. It’s quite simple to do a Google search and multitudes of websites can direct you to other software systems. But what makes Gravity different is its robust solution to give businesses the distinct advantage of having your financials and CRM fully integrated on one platform. There’s no need to manage two separate applications or install software to integrate your accounting application with your CRM solution.


Why is this important? Because it fills the gap between the lower and higher end applications. As companies grow, they need more sophistication than their entry level solution can offer, more security, more features, but don’t want the complexity of a larger accounting solution. Gravity is able to streamline business processes across your entire organization utilizing Microsoft technology that you already use and know, making information more transparent and everybody can be more efficient.  Gravity also provides role-based views of data to deliver the most relevant information to the user’s role making organization and prioritization a breeze.


It allows your company to manage all levels of activities – which is great for your management team to customize dashboards to see the status of employees, compare locations, or even just tracking packages. It also makes employees accountable and measurable – including billable hours, open opportunities within your organization, warranty claims, and other trend data that might not otherwise be available on those lower end systems.


So how does SAIT fit into this, do you ask? Simple. We are your contact. Gravity is exceptionally easy to implement onto your CRM – we’re just there for support. Our expert Gravity specialists can walk you through all of the details.


The Gravity business is connected. Is yours?


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