Is Your Accounting System No Longer Functional?

17 May

Is Your Accounting System No Longer Functional?

Imagine this scenario: you’re an accountant at a medium sized lumber company that’s using an accounting software that was found doing a quick Google search in the middle of busy season. However, you also have some Excel spreadsheets with data going back to the 80s with key manufacturing, production, and inventory details.

You’re consistently doing double entry – which means extra work. You’re an hourly employee, and the lumber market is tight right now. There will be no extra time approved, so you have to work quickly and double checking your work takes too much time. Mistakes are occurring.

Or this scenario: you’re a CFO at a small, but rapidly growing biotech with a hot new product. You’re using a well-known accounting software that a predecessor put into place, but there are serious issues with keeping in compliance using your current system. You don’t have a functional way to confidently comply with regulations for monitoring or securing your financial data. If you don’t get this handled quickly, you could be found noncompliant by the FDA, which could be disastrous for your business. Or finally, this scenario: you’re a manager at a midsized US-based chemical plant, using another accounting software. You just acquired a foreign subsidiary, but the company is based in multiple locations all over the European Union. Your current software can’t handle more than one currency – and now you have several. The new company is scheduled to come on board fully within the next 6 months, so you need to figure out how to get a multi-currency software solution implemented rapidly.

These particular issues might seem outlandish, but they’re similar to problems that Smith Accounting and IT Solutions (SAIT) has found. These are problems that SAIT has resolved. Our feature product is called Microsoft Dynamics GP and it can solve your issues too. I know what you’re thinking – “but they’re not Microsoft.” Well, SAIT is a certified value-added reseller (VAR) and Microsoft Partner. For small to midsized companies, Dynamics GP is the best accounting solution on the market. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers so much more than what you’re currently getting. An advanced functionality that is not easily outgrown for those companies exploding onto the market or are already established. An ability to gain deep business insight and share information across your organization. An easy integration that will eliminate double entry and extra work, saving time and money – and ensuring accuracy. A product that – using easy to implement and use modules – will keep you in compliance with regulatory bodies smiling with approval.

Accounting software is the glue that holds the fabric of your organization together. Without it, you're unable to manage your cash, assets and banking. You're unable to review accurately your inventory, manufacturing and compliance. Most importantly, from the CFO to the newest payroll assistant, you're unable to get the visibility needed to run the company – and do your jobs – efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the super-glue equivalent of what you’re currently using. Don’t keep using the Elmer’s version.

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